Juayúa (pronounced 'why-you-uh') is an experience on its own. Besides attractive colonial architecture, a pleasant central plaza, and a historic church, Juayúa also hosts a wildly successful weekend feria gastronómica (food festival), when local and invited restaurateurs serve the best food at tables set up around the parque central. The event draws scads of local and international tourists, and has been copied by towns throughout El Salvador - though none quite equal it. Around Juayúa are excellent hiking and other eco-outdoor activities, from rappelling down waterfalls to mountain biking in private fincas (coffee plantations). For something less sweaty, you can take a tour of a coffee processing plant or - if you come midweek - simply soak in Juayúa's small-town charm.
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Excursion along the Flower Route to coffee plantations

Visit coffee plantations along famous Flower Route on our full-day tour from San Salvador. Learn how top-quality Salvadoran coffee is produced in the mountain towns of Apaneca and Juayua. Browse traditional handicraft shops in Ataco. Discover El Salvador's mountainous coffee-growing region and travel a portion of the Flower Route. We will pick ..