Pisco is a place blessed by nature. There are plenty of beautiful, clean beaches in the middle of a vast expanse of desert, with varying climates throughout the year. The contrast between desert and sea is captivating, making it a great spot to marvel at the beauty, and of course relax before you start your trip in Peru or even as a finishing touch for a long and interesting trip.
Located at around 220 km away from Lima (it is only a 3 hours bus ride to get here), Pisco is a modest village bustling with everyday local life. Many people here are dedicated to handicrafts and industrial fishing activities. It is also one of the stops recommended as you head down the route towards the Nazca lines.
Another great attraction of the region is certainly the food, you will get a chance to sample the finest of peruvian cuisine. This area is where typical peruvian seafood dishes thrive in popularity. The most well known of these seafood/fish dishes is \"ceviche\". Ceviche has two special ingredients that make it both unique and flavourful; a fresh fish left raw, and lime juice from limes only found here in Peru. The strong lime juice actually cooks the fish while it marinates. And, who can forget the famous peruvian cocktail, the Pisco sour. This tasty drink is made with a peruvain grape brandy (Pisco), limes, sugar and egg whites. Sounds strange but is considered by most who try it as a yummy treat.

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