The city of Matagalpa capital of province of the same name and also known as "La Perla del Septentrión" is the gateway to Nicaragua's most impressive mountain range. This municipality has diverse urban and natural attractions within its territory of cold mountain climate. It's a bustling and cosmopolitan regional capital, a sea of urban sprawl that contrats with the natural reserves and mountain barriers that hem it all in.

The lively urban center has many hotels, restaurants, bars, some tour operators, two museums and several cultural centers. The Cerro Apanante Natural Reserve is located near the city, as well as the waterfalls of the Santa Emilia River, various mountains with pine forests, coffee farms and picturesque, rural villages.


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Matagalpa y Jinotega

This trip will let you know the fullest of vegetation and mountain region where the weather is cool all year around. Our destination is the mountain towns of Matagalpa and Jinotega and the beautiful town of Selva Negra. You will get to see the exotic vegetation, orchids, flowers and brightly feathered birds. Included in the price: • Private c..


Trekking Tour

This trekking tour takes you to the most beautiful places and the highest volcanoes!..