San Agustin

San Agustin
The San Agustin archaeological park in Colombia includes a wide variety of stone sculptures, mostly carved between AD 100 and 1200. In the park are an amazing array of separate stone sculptures, in the shapes of animals and warriors and human faces, some mythical, some realistic. They are carved out of volcanic rock - some are over 4 meters tall and weigh several tons. The site, excavated by K. Th. Preuss during the 1940s, has been declared a World Heritage Site.
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Colombia 2020: Cultural & Archaeological

Cultural & Archaeological Bogotá, San Agustín, Popayán, Cali,  Armenia, Cartagena11 days /10 nightsThe program is valid on any day of 2020* The price of the program is per person in USD:Bogotá, San Agustín, Popayán, Cali,  Armenia, Cartagena2020HOTELS 3*SGLDBLTRPBh Bicentenario + Yuma + Plazuela + Cosmos Cali + Bosques Del Samán..