Nestled in a valley in the Andean range of Venezuela lies a medium-sized city named Merida, with slightly over a half million inhabitants.  Known as the city of gentlemen, the city boasts many attractions and is the second largest tourist destination in Venezuela, after Margarita Island.

The first thing that a visitor will note are the lush green mountains.  A short bus ride to the small town of Tabay and a visitor can enjoy the national park Mucuy where they can camp for a night, bathe in the cold waters of the river and even take a drink directly without fear of getting sick. 

The rivers also offer trout fishing, and with the local sauces the catch is pretty tasty.  High up in the mountains are thermal waters which are excellent for getting rid of a mild bout of poison oak from hiking around.  Merida boasts the longest cable car lift in the world, to the top of Bolivar mountain. 

The city of Santiago de los Caballeros de Mérida is the capital of Libertador County (Mérida, Venezuela) and of the state of the same name, Mérida. It is one of the most important cities in the venezuelan Ándes. Founded in 1558 by Juan Rodríguez Suárez, the city became the political capitol of the Gobernación de Mérida in 1622. The city and the Gobernación de Mérida were part of the Virreinato de Nueva Granada until 1777, year on which they became part of the Capitanía General de Venezuela. Mérida played an active role during the Venezuelan independence war

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