If you like a little spice, Parbo might be the slice to entice. Amsterdam meets the Wild West in Paramaribo (Parbo), the most vivacious and striking capital in the Guianas. Black-and-white colonial Dutch buildings line grassy squares and spices burst from roti shops, mingling with exhaust fumes, while Maroon artists sell colorful paintings by somber Dutch forts.

The locals in Parbo are justifiably proud of their multi-ethnicity - they live in a city where mosques and synagogues are built next to each other. In 2002 the historical inner city was listed as a Unesco World Heritage Site. Elsewhere, towering palms offer welcome shade and mangroves hug the riverside.

In Paramaribo one finds an exotic miniature world that consists of a tropical mix of population groups, religions and cultures. Paramaribo has a vibrant city life with distinctive buildings erected in the 17th Century Dutch style, interspersed with modern hotels and office buildings. The historic inner city of Paramaribo is on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Paramaribo has a unique blend of architecture, cultures and religions and is one of the few places in the world where mosques, Hindu temples, synagogues and Christian churches peacefully coexist. Accordingly a city tour with a guide is a must. You will then discover the stunning architecture and the vibrant history of Paramaribo.
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Three Guianas Tour

Three Guianas Tour Standard Check List-All may not be applicable 1.​ Broad rim or peaked sun hat. 2.​ Lightweight, quick dry, light colored long pants and shirts 3.​ Lightweight socks that dry quickly. 4.​ Shorts, bathing suit, T-shirts (ideally light color cotton) 5.​ Slippers or sandals 6.​ Appropriate boots 7.​ Sunscreen an..


Suriname & Guyana 2018

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Suriname & Guyana 2018 : nature experience

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