Encarnación, 'La Perla del Sur', is Paraguay´s most attractive city. It's also known as the 'Capital de Carnaval' and, following the completion of the new costanera (riverside promenade) with its fabulous river beach, is referred to rather ambitiously by some locals as the new Rio de Janeiro.
It is rather less proud to be the birthplace of dictator Alfredo Stroessner. His former house is now a private university just behind the bus terminal.
The town is the best base for visiting the Jesuit reducciónes (settlements) of Trinidad and Jesús.

Encarnacion Paraguay is mostly famous for its summer festivals and carnivals as well as for the sport-fishing. The nearby tourist attraction includes the region enveloping the Yavcyreta Dam which is also the point of departure towards the ruins of the majestic Jesuit Missions of Paraguay. These ruins have already been declared as belonging to the International Heritage group, by the United Nations. The ruins are remarkable examples of the technical craftsmanship of the natives of Paraguay.

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