Settled on the banks of the Rio Paraguay, the city of Concepcion is not just lost to the South American tourist trail, it is completely unheard of by most.  If fact, telling other travellers that you’ve been to Concepcion, Paraguay will often have people correcting you thinking you meant Asuncion.  Concepcion won’t blow you away with a great variety of attractions and it certainly wont leave your body aching with an adventurous spirit it is worth a couple days.  The town is sleepy and quiet, the people are polite and refreshingly real, and the town, like a good rocking chair, looks rough, may rock you to sleep, but when you’re away from it you’ll miss it.

One of the best things to do in Concepcion is to simply pull up a chair on the main drag, sip a beer and watch the people go about their business.  If people watching is not your thing there are some other things you may want to check out in town:
• The Museo del Cuartel de la Villa Real is an interesting stop as it is full of war memorabilia and historical information from the country
• The Marketin town is a fun place to wander, and about as real as you’ll find in South America.  You will most likely be the only foreigner shopping here.

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