Pear Islands

The archipielago de las Perlas ( Pearl Islands) consists of 90 beautiful islands. The name origins from the large pearls which were found here in the water. At this paradisic spot you will find here white sand beaches and turquioise water which attracts " famous and the beautiful" people. The most popular islands is Isla Contadora . It is the fifth largest of the Islands was discovered by Balboa in 1514. The island's name originated from La Contadora, a counting house in Spanish where pearls were counted before shipment to Spain. Today the island is one of Pnama's premier leisure destinaitons featuring fishing, diving and snorkeling and a fine beach hotel Punta Galeon.

San Jose Island is another beautiful island of the archipielago. It is privately owned though tourists can stay at the Hotel Hacienda del Mar.

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