Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, 2019

20 days / 19 nights

Tour  can start at any date in 2019
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Day 1 Guatemala City-Antigua
After arriving at the airport you will have a transfer with a guide to Antigua. Check-in in your hotel.
Day 2 Antigua
After breakfast, a three-hour walk through Antigua with guide who will tell you many fascinating stories about the city. Antigua - one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in Central America. Witness the grandeur of colonial Spain, with its cobbled streets, beautiful buildings and classic architecture, Antigua is on the UNESCO World Heritage Fund. The city was repeatedly destroyed by earthquakes, the most destructive of which occurred in 1773. After this event, the city was unable to recover and lost its former importance. The city looks very picturesque backdrop to the surrounding three impressive volcanoes, and the remaining buildings of the colonial era, has survived many earthquakes, floods and fires, give it a special flavor. With its streets and squares, with complex patterns of various tropical flowers and plants, Antigua seems himself as bright flower. After transfer to the hotel at Lake Atitlan.
Day 3 Atitlan
Day 3 Atitlan Breakfast at hotel . Meet your guide at the hotel at 07:00. You will go to a two-hour panoramic tour to Lake Atitlan. You go by boat along the coast to the two village’s Indian village. Also you can visit Santiago de Atitlan and San Pedro. Your guide will tell you about local customs and traditions. You can enjoy spectacular views of the lake, as well as learn a lot about the settlements, whose traditions are passed from one to another, as well as their history. The irresistible beauty, and one of the most beautiful in the world Lake Atitlan is located in the crater of an extinct volcano on the background basalt slopes of the crater, covered with tropical vegetation, attracts many tourists from around the world. The town itself is full of monuments of colonial architecture. The brightest spot in the city is a colorful market, where they sell not only food, but also the products of local craftsmen and industrial products. Here you can even meet a Shaman! In the afternoon transfer to Guatemala City. Overnight in Guatemala City
Day 4 Tikal
Breakfast at hotel Meet your guide at the hotel at 06:30. Transfer to the local airport. Flight to Flores. You will spend the day at Tikal, the largest and most impressive Maya city ever existed. Your guide will tell you a lot about the Mayan culture and you will feel the mystery of this ancient people. Lunch in the park. In the afternoon return to Flores and flight to Guatemala City and transfer to the hotel.
Day 5 Quirigua - Honduras
Breakfast at hotel Meeting with Russian speaking guide at the hotel. Then transfer to Honduras. On the way stop in Quirigua. Here you can explore the greatest Mayan site, a real miracle.Transfer to Copan, Honduras. Night in Copan.
Day 6 Copan- Honduras
Breakfast at hotel. Meet your guide at the hotel at 08:00. Excursion to the famous ruins of Copan all day. The tour begins with a tour of the Mayan archaeological site of Acropolis, a golf ball, hieroglyphic stairway and the square columns, as well as the Museum of Mayan Sculpture, recognized as unique in its kind. Copán was once one of the most beautiful and important cities of the Maya - one of the great ancient cultures of the American continent. Over the course of 400 years, the Maya people of Copán shaped a small valley in western Honduras into a great city, building pyramids, temples, plazas, sculpting intricate statues of kings, gods, and animals, and decorating it all in beautifully colored stucco. The ceremonial center at the heart of the city housed some of the best examples of Maya arquitecture and art to be found anywere, some of them reflecting the Maya people's skill at mathematics and astronomy. Every city in the Maya world is know for being "specialized" at something. For example Tikal, in Guatemala, is known for the sheer height of its pyramids. In southern México, Palenque is known for the lavishly decorated tomb of one of its kings, Pacal. But Copán is famous for the both the quantity and quality of the carved stone sculptures that decorated plazas and temples in its ceremonial center - it is known by archeologists as the most "artistic" of all Maya cities. Today, the ruins of Copán is one of the richest archeological sites to be found in the entire American continent and an increasingly popular tourist attraction. After 150 years of archeological research, Copán is perhaps the most researched and well documented Maya site of all. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Transfer to San Pedro Sul and overnight at the hotel Hilton Princess.
Day 7 San Pedro Sul - Nicaragua
Breakfast at hotel . Transfer to airport for flight to Managua, Nicaragua Arrival at the international airport in Managua. Meeting with English speaking guide. Managua is known by most visitors for the international airport, and normally is not the first city that comes to mind when thinking of Nicaragua, especially if you are not travelling for business. Managua is however a city with almost two million inhabitants and many green areas. Nicaragua’s capital (since 1855) is often described as being dangerous and a place to avoid. Although visitors should take certain precautions, Managua is not a city to be avoided because of safety concerns. In 1972, an earthquake almost complete destroyed the city and took more than ten thousand lives. The lack of a historic city center means that Managua is a city to travel by taxi or private vehicle. Directions are not always clear, because the streets have no name (this was the inspiration for rockband U2 to write the song ’Where the streets have no name’). Nowadays, Managua has recovered from this natural disaster, and what remains is an interesting city with big contrasts between the poor and the rich. Managua still has a lot to offer: theaters, museums, bars, restaurants, discotheques, cinemas, etcetera. At Roberto Huembes market, you can experience an authentic street market and buy excellent handcrafts. Then transfer to Granada. Check-in hotel and rest.
Day 8 Granada
Granada is an incredible city! Its colonial architecture, food, history and even its population is unique in the world, because they have kept the original Spanish customs. The San Francisco Convent and church, Cathedral, La Merced Church, Guadalupe Church and La Pólvora fortress are some of the most representative’s colonial buildings. You can see the biggest lake of Central America and the only one in the world with fresh water and sharks. We will also aboard a boat to go to the middle of the beautiful 356 islands of the lake
Day 9 Granada - Island Ometepe
After breakfast, the road past koffeynyh plantation poseschnie famous volcano Mombacho. You sent with Russian guide in the port of San Jorge, from where the ferry sails to the island of Ometepe - it is the largest and most beautiful island in Lake Nicaragua. On Ometepe have survived volcanoes and Indian settlements at the foot of volcanoes. Ometepe Island - one of the most beautiful and picturesque places in Central America. Upon arrival to the island you take a walk around the island, visit the Archaeological Museum, Charco Verde, Punta Jesús María Punta Jesus Maria and the village of Altagracia and Moyogalpa. Overnight at the hotel on the island of Ometepe
Day 10 Island Ometepe- Monteverde Costa Rica
Transfer to the border with Costa Rica and Transfer to Monteverde. Overnight in Monteverde. Misty treetops of a gloriously green eco-belt. The Tico village of Santa Elena and the Quaker settlement of Monteverde snuggle between two lovingly preserved cloud forests. This unique area, once billed as the place to view the resplendent quetzal bird, remains one of Costa Rica's premiere ecotourism destinations. Monteverde is great place to get inspired about a world where organic farming and alternative energy sources help to replenish the planet. That said, it's also a place where you can marvel at the latest in eco-fashion. Clearly, the balance here between eco-park and Eco-Disney remains fragile.
Day 11 Monteverde Rain Forest
After the breakfast you have the possibility to go to the rain forest and discover the bridge system that is located along a 1.7 mile trail designed for the enjoyment of visitors of all ages, most of the way is leveled with occasional small slopes. There are 8 suspension bridges on a trail that goes 90% through primary cloud forest. On the feet wide bridges, visitors will observe a wide variety of plants, animals and even some insects.
Day 12 Canopy Tour
Breakfast at the hotel. The canopy tour features 19 cables and 21 platforms which add up to a total of 2.3 miles of total cable length. This canopy tour has one of the longest cables in the country – almost half a mile!-. It is built completely inside the cloud forest and offers a tour of pure adrenaline. Transfer to the hotel in Arenal. Accommodation at Arenal Paraiso, in room «superior» overlooking the Arenal Volcano. Possibility to relax in the thermal springs.
Day 13 Arenal
Breakfast at the hotel. Free Day. Possibility to relax in the thermal springs. Overnight in Arenal.
Day 14 Poas Volcano and La Paz Waterfalls
Early in the morning we will visit the Poás Volcano, which, though not as high as Irazú, is an impressive sight with its crater, 300 mts. deep and 1500 Mts. wide, usually active with smoke discharges. A trail leads to a crystal blue lagoon, amidst tropical ferns and forest filled with exotic flowers and brilliantly plumed birds. On the way back we will visit Sarchí, it has been the center of production for the colorful oxcart that graced Costa Rican fields, here you will be able to see artisans at work and purchase gorgeous hand-carved articles. After we will go to the La Paz waterfall with 70 acres of wildlife and forest to explore, waterfall gardens allows visitors wonder through 3.5 kilometers of paved trails which take you above, below and right next to five awesome waterfalls and the biggest butterfly farm. Then continue on to the free-flowing river has its origins in clear mountain streams, and remains one of Costa Rica's purest river experiences. The narrow, low-volume Sarapiquí winds and stretches its way through thick and colorful vegetation that is home to hummingbirds, toucans, woodpeckers, and scores of other native tropical bird species. Excellent for bird-watchers and other nature lovers, this rafting journey offers moderately flowing rapids that are intersperse with quiet stretches in a magnificent forest setting. After this experience we'll get back to San Jose through the Braulio Carrillo National Park. Overnight in San Jose.
Day 15 Bocas del Torro
Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer to the airport. Fly to Bocas del Torro. Transfer to the hotel Tortuga.
Day 16 Bocas del Torro
Tour in Boca Drago and the beach red frogs and Dolphin Lagoon. Overnight at the Hotel Tortuga
Day 17 Bocas del Torro-Panama City
Tour in Boca Drago and the beach red frogs and Dolphin Lagoon. Overnight at the Hotel Tortuga
Day 18 Panama City-San Blas Islands
Day 18 Panama City-San Blas Islands Flight from Panama City to San Blas Islands. The hotel is on an island with a sea view (hotel on the San Blas are very simple) The San Blas Islands are the number #1 vacation destination in Panama and probably in Central America. This is because the Islands are not yet discoverd by the massive tourism industry and fully in control of the native Kuna’s. The Kuna’s protect their lands against massive tourism and keep them healthy and beautiful. This makes the San Blas Islands of Panama unique if you are searching for untouched nature and culture. You will sleep in eco-friendly accommodations made by the Guna’s Indians from natural materials which they found on the Islands and in the jungle. Imagine a turquoise archipelago with one island for every day of the year. With white sand and waving palms, these Caribbean islands cheat no one’s version of Paradise. San Blas is Home to the Kuna, an autonomous indigenous group who run San Blas with minimal interference from the national government The native people living on the Islands of San Blas call themselves Kuna’s or Guna’s. The district/region in Panama where you can meet the native inhabitants is officially named after them; Guna Yala or Kuna Yala. The Kuna’s are community of proud people that have their own laws, norms and values that go with their culture, which is by the way totally different than the traditional Panamanian culture. Since the last headcount of all the Kuna Indians an estimated 300.000 live in Panama, Costa Rica and Colombia, only 50.000 live on the San Blas Islands. When you visit the San Blas Islands don’t forget to try some of the traditional Kuna food.
Day 19 San Blas Islands
Enjoy free time in the Islands
Day 20 San Blas Islands- Panama City
Flight to Panama City and International flight
The price includes:
Accommodation in 4 * -5 * DBL American breakfast English-speaking guide in all countries Transfer by car with air conditioning Tickets for the program Domestic flights according to the program
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International flight Visas Laundry service Personal expenses All additional services in hotels Eating outside the program Tips for guides and drivers
Group Services
Group Price 8040.000
Group Tour Remarks Per person in ½ DBL:

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Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, 2019


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