Mostly a stopping-off point for more interesting places, Huehuetenango, or Huehue (pronounced way -way), offers few charms of its own, but some people do love it for its true Guatemalan character. Either way, there are enough eating and sleeping options here to keep you happy, and the sight of the Cuchumatanes mountain range (the highest in Central America) in the background makes for some striking scenery.
The cheerful indígena market is filled daily with traders who come down from surrounding villages. Surprisingly, the market area is about the only place you'll see traditional costumes in this town, as most of its citizens are ladinos wearing modern clothes. Coffee growing, mining, sheep raising, light manufacturing and agriculture are the region's main activities.
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Fascinating Guatemala

Fascinating Guatemala shows you around one of the most beautiful countries in Central America, Guatemala. Guatemala is an ancient country with many remains from the Mayan Culture. This tour is mainly focused on direct contact with Nature. It is represented in two ways, visiting the crater of Pacaya Volcano and the paradise of Flores. We start t..


Heart of the Mayan Culture

These 15 days will take you on a trip you will never forget. You will discover the most important archaeological sites of the Mayan World and the beautiful nature the regions have to offer. We start in Guatemala City on your first day where after arrival we take you to your hotel where you will stay the night and be able to get some rest before the..


Natural Guatemala

Enjoy in just one week al the beauty of Guatemala and its ancient Mayan Culture. Together with our bilingual guide we take you to the best places of the country. This week is about discovering Guatemala with its ancient beauty. We start the tour in Guatemala City where after your international flight, we bring you to your hotel. The next day w..