Easter Island 2018

3 days / 2 nights

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Hotel 4 * for a stay in ½ DBL




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Hotel 5 * for a stay in ½ DBL




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Day 1
Transfer from airport to your hotel. Today you will have the half day excursion Ahu Akiva. TOUR Akiva Departure from the hotel to visit the center of the island, where the Ahu Akiva platform 7 moayami personifying the legend that gives rise to the culture of Rapa Nui, the arrival of the Polynesian population on the island. Moai are looking towards the sea, which is atypical for the location of these statues. A visit to the quarry Puna Pau, a small hill that was removed red stone headdress moaya. At this point, there is an observation deck on the village of Hanga Roa. Duration 4 h. Overnight at the selected hotel (breakfast incl.)
Day 2
Breakfast in the morning and the leaving for the Anakena Full day excursion with a visit of the beach (Lunch box incl.). TOUR Anacostia On this tour we will visit the various archaeological zones that will allow us to know the development of the culture of Rapa Nui, including its origins, rise and worst crises. Travel along the coast, a visit to Ahu Akahanga, then the volcano Rano Raraku and its slopes, where it was cut, most Moaev and where until now there is a greater number of these statues. Box lunch in nature. A visit to Ahu Tongariki, the largest platform, where there are 15 restored statues. Then the tour will continue to the peninsula Poyke located on the north coast, with a stop at Ahu Te Pito Kura - a place where there is the large statue outside the quarry, as well as the energy center of the island. Then we go to the beach of Anakena, with its warm turquoise water, white sand, palm trees and a platform Ahu Nau Nau, creating one of the most attractive landscapes of the island. Time for walks and swimming. Return to the village of Hanga Roa, on the way passing through the center of the island. Duration - all day, included a box lunch. Overnight at the selected hotel (breakfast incl.)
Day 3
After Breakfast in the Hotel, excursion to the ceremonial center of Orongo. TOUR Orongo The tour begins with a lift on the slopes of the volcano Rano Kaodo viewing platform at the edge of the crater, inside which there is a beautiful lake with a characteristic vegetation. Then visited Orongo ceremonial village - a place where the leader of the island is chosen for a year with the help of venture competitions. All the clans of the island gathered in the spring of numerous stone "houses", awaiting the arrival of the sacred bird Manutara to select tangata Manu, man-bird. Length - 4 h. After the Tour, transfer back to the Airport.
Otai 3 * Superior Room Iorana 4 * Superior room HangaRoa 5 * category number Kainga * Prices are valid until the end of 2017 ** The cost of admission to the National Park is not included in the price (USD 83) The price is not included: air tickets, medical insurance, tips and other services not mentioned in the program

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Easter Island 2018


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