Monteverde & Santa Elena

Monteverde & Santa Elena
Misty treetops of a gloriously green eco-belt. The Tico village of Santa Elena and the Quaker settlement of Monteverde snuggle between two lovingly preserved cloud forests. This unique area, once billed as the place to view the resplendent quetzal bird, remains one of Costa Rica's premiere ecotourism destinations.
You'll feel like you're on top of the world, but really, you've reached the central point of the nation's continental divide. In Monteverde the sun-kissed faces of beach dwelling locals are replaced by the warm smiles of farmers, artists, naturalists, and outdoor enthusiasts—particularly in the small yet pleasant town of Santa Elena.
The region is a great place to get inspired about a world where organic farming and alternative energy sources help to replenish the planet. That said, it's also a place where you can marvel at the latest in eco-fashion.

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Canopy tour

This canopy tour features 19 cables and 21 platforms which add up to a total of 2.3 miles of total cable length. This canopy tour has one of the longest cables in the country – almost half a mile!-. It is built completely inside the cloud forest and offers a tour of pure adrenaline...


Hanging Bridges

The bridge system is located along a 1.7 mile trail designed for the enjoyment of visitors of all ages, most of the way is leveled with occasional small slopes. There are 8 suspension bridges on a trail that goes 90% through primary cloud forest. On the feet wide bridges, visitors will observe a wide variety of plants, animals and even some insects..


Hiking at the reserve

A private biological reserve dedicated to the conservation of the rare flora and fauna of this unique ecosystem. The reserve is 26.000 acres and is an important link in the growing network of protected areas in Costa Rica. You will be guided through this awesome reserve with a naturist guide that knows the place as its hands...


Costa Rica 2020: Natural Jewels

11 days/10 nights (Daily departures  from 1 passenger)SAN JOSÉ(1n) / TORTUGUERO (2n) / ARENAL (2n) / MONTEVERDE(2n) /  MANUEL ANTONIO(3n)The price is  per person according to occupancy:(Single2Pax = 2 pax with each client in a single room, sharing the transportation)REGULAR TRANSFERS HOTELS ASGLSGL2PAXDBLTPLCHD$6154$6123$36..


Costa Rica 2020: Bird Paradise

 10 days/9 nights(Daily departures for groups)SAN JOSÉ(1n) /SARAPIQUI (2n)/ VOLCÁN ARENAL(2n)  / PACIFICO CENTRAL(2n) / SAN GERARDO DE DOTA(2n)  Prices for groups with tourleader: from 6 to 18 pax + 1 tour leader BaseTRANSPORTATION TYPE PER PERSON  SGL  DBL  TPL 2 PAX + 1 TLH1$ 6751 $  5814  $&..


Costa Rica Spa & Wilderness 2020

8 days / 7 nights The program is valid from 1 passenger SAN JOSÉ(1n) / ARENAL VOLCANO(2n)  /MONTEVERDE(2n) / MANUEL ANTONIO(2n) The price is  per person according to occupancy:      (Single2Pax = 2 pax with each client in a single room, sharing the transportation)REGULAR TRANSFERSOPTION A - MA..


Costa Rica2020: Volcanoes & Jungle

7 days /6 nights SAN JOSÉ(2n) - ARENAL VOLCANO(2n) - MONTEVERDE(2n)The price is per person according to occupancy:(Single2Pax = 2 pax with each client in a single room, sharing the transportation)SHUTTLES  & EXCURSIONS HOTELS ASGLSGL2PAXDBLTPLCHD$3290$3227$2138$1 876$1019SHUTTLES  & EXCURSIONS HOTELS BSGLSGL2PAXDBLT..


Total Costa Rica 2020

21 days/20 nights Daily departures from 1 passenger SAN JOSÉ(2) / TORTUGUERO(2n) / SOUTHERN CARIBBEAN (3n) /ARENAL VOLCANO(2n) / RIO CELESTE(2n) / MONTEVERDE(2n) / MANUEL ANTONIO(3n) / COSCOVADO(3n) / SAN JOSÉ(1n)The price is  per person according to occupancy: (Single2Pax = 2 pax with each client in a single room, sharing the t..


Treasures of Costa Rica 2020

12 days / 11 nightsUntouched rainforests, scenic volcanoes,  rich tastes of coffee,  quiet beaches and brightly colored species of fauna.  You’ll discover all the treasures  of Costa Rica  during  this 12-day  exploration  tour. You’ll experience the tropical nature of Tortuguero National Park, the lush r..