Easter Island

Easter Island (Rapa Nui to its native Polynesian inhabitants) is like nowhere else on earth. Historically intriguing, culturally compelling and scenically magical, this tiny speck of land looks like it's fallen off another planet. In this blissfully isolated, unpolished gem it's hard to feel connected even to Chile, over 3700km to the east, let alone the wider world. It's just you, the indigo depths and the strikingly enigmatic moai (giant statues) scattered amid an eerie landscape.

When the moai have finished working their magic on you, there's a startling variety (for such a small island) of adventure options available. Diving, snorkelling and surfing are fabulous. On land, there's no better ecofriendly way to experience the island's savage beauty than on foot, from a bike saddle or on horseback. But if all you want to do is recharge the batteries, a couple of superb expanses of white sand beckon.
Although Easter Island is world famous and visitors are on the increase, everything remains small and personable – it's all about eco-travel.
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Argentina & Chile, Patagonia - Easter Island 2018

ARGENTINA & CHILE, PATAGONIA - EASTER ISLAND 10 DAYS/ 9 NIGHTS 2018Tours with any date of arrival, valid per 2 people ..


Chile extension – Easter Island

Chile extension – Easter Island 4 Days & 3 Nights - 2016 ..


Chile North & South

Chile North & South 13 Days & 12 Nights ..


Easter Island 2018

3 days / 2 nightsThe price of the program for 1 person : 01 / 09-31 / 12:   Individual services from English. guided Base 2 people. Base 3/4 pax. Base 5/9 pax. 3 * hotel for a stay in SGL $877 $808 $772 3 * hotel for a stay..


Great South America Tour Peru + Bolivia + Chile (Easter Island) 2018

Great South America TourPeru + Bolivia + Chile (Easter Island) 201815  days / 14 nights (+ 3  Easter Island)Tours can start in any date of arrival, except in holidays Prices are valid from 2 people Total per pax in DBL accommodation: $7.700Total per pax in SGL accommodation: $8.957 ..


Mix & Match Easter Island

4 days / 3 nights This tour can start at any day in 2017 except on national holidays with prices valid from 2 travellers..


Остров Пасхи 3дня/2 ночи

Остров Пасхи 3дня/2 ночи Остров Пасхи - это крошечный клочок суши на краю мира. Все, что связано с этим местом, окутано тайной. Откуда прибыли люди, населяющие остров с незапамятных времен? Как они вообще обнаружили этот островок? Какой народ и зачем изваял сотни гигантских каменных статуй? Определенных ответов на эти и другие вопросы пока нет,..


Ancient Culture of Chile 2018

9 days / 8 nightsSantiago de Chile – Easter Island – San Pedro de Atacama                                                         Cost of the tour per person in $ USD (from March 1 to Se..