São João del-Rei

São João del-Rei,  the next city on the gold road,  is less known than Ouru Preto, but no less richer.  The Museum of regional art  is located in one of the magnificent buildings of colonial times. The buildings here are not so high  as in Ouru Preto, but the architecture is   spectacular. The   visit card   of the city are the Church bells, which notify residents of important events. Each  bell sounds  in its own rhythm and is easily recognized. In São João del-Rei  you can admire  ancient buildings  which are older than 100 years, but they look great, as if the Golden era  lasts up to now.

Shutters and balcony decorations of each house are designed by their  owners. The residents   are very polite to visitors. Sometimes  it seems as if the time machine has taken us to another epoch. Near the Cathedral you can visit  a  100 year-  old working Studio of Donna Pilar, where  old pans and cooking utensils are mended.

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