If a Bolivian Salt Flats tour isn’t on your travel bucket list, add it now.  The Salt Flats themselves are the definite highlight of the tour, but they only constitute one of the four days of the trip.  This is actually a tour of southwestern Bolivia, and never in my life have I felt more like an astronaut.

Other-worldly landscapes await you on this indescribable jeep trip through scenes out of a fantasy land.  Red and green colored lagoons, pink flamingos and other unique wildlife, geysers, volcanoes, and geothermal wonders, painted mountains, bizarre rock formations, and the feeling of being on the moon are just a sampling of the highlights of the other three days.

Then there’s the Salt Flats themselves.  The highest and largest in the world, the Salt Flats are a wonder like no other. Bright white stretching as far as the eye can see, contrasting with the deep blue skies, offers a scene that simply doesn’t look, seem, or feel real.  A magical place that has people of every age acting like children, a trip to the Salar de Uyuni is a memorable one.

There are so many sights to see in a country as beautiful as Bolivia, and these five are just the tip of the iceberg.  While travel in this very poor and developing country is usually challenging and at times heartbreaking, your efforts will be rewarded with some of the most visually pleasing scenery in the entire world.

Salar de Uyuni is the most photographed site in Bolivia and is what draws many people to the country.
An area that seems to be from space, the salt flats are at an altitude of nearly 12,000ft and nearly 5000 sq miles in area.

Photos from these salt flats have Dali-like appearances as there is no horizon perspective in the bright salt landscape. There is no bad time to visit, during the rainy season from November to March a small layer of water creates a gorgeous reflection.

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Bolivia, La Paz & Uyuni 2018

La Paz - Uyuni - Tahua - Desierto de Siloli - Uyuni - Colchani - Moon ValleyProgram valid since 2 pax traveling together..


Hotel Girasoles

Hotel Girasoles is located in the city center of Uyuni. We have privates and dorms ensuite and with share facilities. Offer all information about the city, things to do and see plus all the facilities such as breakfast, heating, hot showers and much more ..


Luna Salada Hotel

The Luna Salada Hotel (Salt Moon Hotel) is one of the most extraordinary hotels of the world. The Hotel had been constructed by salt blocks, in the Salt flats of Uyuni in Bolivia. Designed to entertain the visitors in adventure and pleasure trips. The personalized attention offers an excellent service during the visitors pleasant stay...


Peru, Bolivia & Chile

Peru, Bolivia & Chile 15 Days & 14 Nights - 2018..


Uyuni Salt Flats

Visit the Train Cemetery and then head to the Salt Flat visiting Colchani village to see a domestic salt processing plant. Then carry on to the “Palacio de Sal & Spa Hotel”constructed on salt blocks and considered the 10 top most exotic hotels in the world. Later continue to Ojos de Agua”. Hike around on Incahuasi Island to find enormous endemic ca..


Uyuni Salt Lake Adventure

Uyuni Salt Lake AdventureBolivia3 Days / 2 NightsGo on this Uyuni Salt Lake Adventure and experience the Salt Flats to the fullest...


5 Countries Tour 2018 NEW YEAR

PERU – BOLIVIA – CHILE –ARGENTINA – BRAZIL 16 days/15 nightsBe ready for goosebumps when you are on top of Machu Picchu and enjoy some views of the ancient Incas. Be amazed by the indigenous of the islands of Uros in Titicaca lake and their traditional way of life. Experience the heights of the Andes and its unique landscapes such as Valley o..


Bolivia’s Natural Wonders

10 days / 9 nights  NET PRICE PER PERSON IN $USD BASED ON 2 PAX   02 PAX 3, 233USD 04 PAX 2,473USD SUP SWB 670 USD ..


The Best of La Paz and Uyuni Salt Flat

                                7 days / 6 nights NET PRICE PER PERSON IN $USD BASED ON 2 PAX   02 PAX 2,172 USD 04 PAX 1,567 USD SUP SWB 353..