The Province of Salta is situated in the Northwest of Argentina and it borders three countries: Chile , Bolivia and Paraguay , and six Argentinian provinces: Jujuy , Formosa , Chaco, Santiago del Estero , Tucumán and Catamarca.

Salta stands out for its geographic and climatic heterogeneity, from the desert coldness of the Andes and the Puna to the subtropical heat of the jungle, with cool fertile valleys, mountains and rivers in between.
Salta 's traditional hospitality and provincial cordiality blend with its great cultural richness. Its heritage is vast and varied: ancient Diaguita-Calchaqui and Inca vestiges, the more recent Spanish colonial legacy and its active involvement in the independence wars. These features are still alive in the architecture of its villages, towns and in the city of Salta itself.

The first people to live in this area were aware of its outstanding natural beauty and called it "SAGTA", which in the Aymara language means "very beautiful one". Even today Salta is known as "the pretty one".
Now we invite you to discover it for yourself.

Salta is the gateway to the Andes of Argentina and the northwest region of Argentina. It is definitely a city that is different from Argentina with more indigenous people, music and arts and crafts that are more synonymous to the Andean region of South America like Bolivia and Peru.

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